Thursday, 21 March 2013


I introduced Dolores to the life drawing group this morning, she made a big impact.
Dolores comes from Paula Rego.
After I went to see Rego's show at the Marlborough recently I was struck on seeing her work this time, by how fluidly she moves between 'real' and 'unreal', how everything and everyone is material in her story telling. Characters come from stories into reality and back again the other way. History, politics, society, family, all of it passes back and forth across her canvas, glaring out from it.
The thing I wanted to share from my trip into Rego's world was the experience of drawing from life with rigour but without the ball and chain of dogged life study mentality. I often look for ways to encourage a more encompassing perspective on drawing from life, and the development of each individuals imaginary world as part of all drawing. Introducing Dolores was a way to bring Rego thinking into the gallery this spring in the hope that part of her will stay.
Here are some of the drawings done of Emma and Dolores this morning, the work was intense and changed by the new dynamic, and very different from when we've had two live models working together. You can see for yourself how exciting the work is, and how much potential for further development of work is revealed.

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