Thursday, 1 March 2012

Life drawing - February series

During February's series everyone found some surprising and interesting insights into their own work by exploding it and sifting through the fragments.

It began with two weeks making many many studies of body parts up close.
In the third and final session we spread out, up on the walls and across the floors in the huge empty space of the gallery, reassembling the body parts to make new composite drawings.

At this point we looked at Annette Messager's installations to broaden the scope of possibility, to lessen the world's pervading influence of 'realism'.

I was told the process revealed:
Pleasure and discovery in spending time looking and arranging ones own drawings (rather than storing them under the bed).

A different way to look from afar and obliquely at the drawings thereby noticing rhythm in lines and marks.

An alternative way to draw, using drawings as marks to place in space.