Sunday, 7 August 2011


Working WITH people...
I'm doing my "CASCADE" drawing workshop at Fabrica tomorrow so I'm wandering around the house seeing if there are any more bits and pieces that will help people find new angles on their drawing. Washing-up liquid bottles that I keep to refill for instance - what more could you want in a workshop about fluidity and unpredictability than what amounts to drawing with a water pistol?
Then I checked my emails to find one from Johanna Samuelson the model I've booked for the session who has just been to see the exhibition "CASCADE" in preparation for the session and is proposing ideas about how to work with the installation - it doesn't get better than this for me, I feel exhilarated to be working with someone so committed and responsive. This is the exciting bit, setting things up so that you can collaborate with people on ideas and ways to work, I absolutely love this!
Now I am going to get back to her about her fabulous new perspective on how to work with the body and the water and we will proceed, building together, how perfect work can be sometimes.
Thanks Johanna.