Saturday, 4 December 2010

Start blogging damn it

"I cared not for consequence but wrote" William Blake.
That was one of the simple and permissive instructions Fiachra Gibbons gifted to us at a recent writing workshop held at Fabrica Gallery. Other inspiring snippets included "Ideas, observations, comment - write it, post it - with the energy you have at the time" This was probably the most useful for me as I tend to get bogged down in what I think I ought to be doing and not what I'm actually interested in doing where writing is concerned.
This blog will take it's shape from what I observe through what I do, which in a nutshell is about enabling people to look and think inwardly and outwardly mainly through drawing and writing. I make copious notes to myself as I witness some incredible things while working with people, now I have a place to put them.

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